Our mainly export products are Heated appareal (down jacket , hunting jacket , outdoor work wear ,motorcycle gear), Ladies' fashion wear , socks , T'shirts . And LED lights.

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Product Detail

Heating socks

Warranty: 1year

Certificate : CE ROHS

Heated voltage choice : 3.7V 5V

Supply Type : OEM Service


the heating socks with the provided 3.7V / 5.0V/500mA * 2 charger which has two output connectors, the charging time varies from 2~4 Hours, depending on the volume of the battery. The battery (in the insoles) can be charged and discharged for about 800 times.

When charging, insert the 2 output DC jack respectively into the DC charging hole which on the heel part of the insoles, at this time, the LED on the charger turn red and the LED on the insoles turn green. When the battery is full, the LED on the charger turn green and the LED on the insoles turn off.

1. The electric heating insoles belong to electronic products, it has no water-proof design so can not be immersed into water for cleaning. Please use soft brush to dip some detergent and then scrub the surface of the insoles. When they are almost dry in the air, you can further dry them off with hair dryer.
2. There are electric circuit and heating device in the heating insoles which might be damaged if the insoles were sharply bent.
3. After being used in winter, please make sure to full charge the insoles, and then put them back into its packing box for future use.